How To Get A Custom Facebook Address For Your Page or Profile

Getting your facebook page or profile a customized address is very important, it helps people and your friend to find you easily without any stress. A facebook page without a customized address is not yet complete, because it will be very difficult for your fans to find your real facebook page sometimes. For example

Before -
All you have to do is to get a Facebook username for your profile or page.
What are facebook username?
Username is a unique part of your public or page profile. It is use to help people find you and organize your information internally. Username is also use to create a custom link (a facebook URL, such as to your profile or page that you can give out to people or post on external websites. Though usernames are not the same as your name or page name, they are typically variation on your name. For example, someone name or page name Victor Micheal might choose victor.michael, so that his friend can visit his page or profile directly by going to That means your plus your username is your profile or page custom address.
How do I set a custom address for my profile or page?

  • Go to
  • Below create your facebook web address, select your page from drop down menu
  • Type a username and click check availability
  • If the username is available, click confirm

Note: if the username you want is already be taken, you’ll need to choose a different one

  • You must be an admin to choose a username for your page
  • You can’t claim a username someone else is already using
  • Choose a username you will be happy with for a long term.
  • Username are not transferable and you can only change it want once

Once you get your username name, then your custom page address has been create, type to your browser, 
this will link directly to your page or profile.i.e your custom facebook address is if your username is johnvic, your custom url is 
Change `the red text to your own username.
Why should you get your page a custom address?
  • It provide quick navigation to your page
  • It makes people to find you easier 
  • it allow easy recommendation of your page or profile to others

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