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A blog or website without traffic is like a body without life. There are so many webmaster and blogger out there which have been searching for a way or the other to promote their blog or site and increase their blog traffic for free, so i will share this tutorial on how you can increase your blog traffic, your blog audience and distribute your blog post widely to many people with atcontent .

What Is Atcontent?
AtContent is a blogging and content distribution platform.
It allows relevant bloggers repost each other's content, dramatically increasing their audiences and traffic to their blogs.
How Does It Works?
Bloggers spend 6 to 12 months to get sustainable traffic from search engines. Facebook and other leading social networks often change their algorithms and cut the organic reach.
AtContent helps bloggers and content marketers reach new audiences in a most efficient and simple way, by sharing content on the blog-to-blog basis
  • AtContent enables bloggers to make reposts. 
  • The “repost” is equivalent to a full size blog post.
  • By reposting content, you increase page views, social sharing and the amount of time people spend on your blog.
  • When other bloggers repost your content, you dramatically increase the audience and drive traffic to your blog through the links in reposts
  • You can see who reposts your content, how many times it has been reposted, and the number of views it has received. If you update the content, all reposts will be updated automatically
  • You can also follow other relevant blogger
  • All what you need to start is to sign up for AtContent, follow relevant bloggers and repost content with a few clicks. Super simple, super effective. 
 How Can I signup And Connect My Blog?
  • Visit here and sign up 
  • After sign up,login to connect your blog
  • Click on your profile => my blog => manage blog=> add your blog
  • Discover and follow like-minded bloggers in your niche, creating a personal AtContent Feed for reposting.
  • Repost content from AtContent Feed to increase page views and the amount of time people spend on your blog.
If you are a wordpress user download the plugin here and install it
You can follow me on atcontent with VictorAyo
 Enjoy your life as a blogger

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