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How can you write a post that will fetch more traffic from search engine, increase your search engine rank and keep your user or reader happy? What are the things you need to consider when writing a content that will generate more traffic from search engine, increase your ranking in search engine and at the same time useful for your readers? Below are some tips to write a post that will attract more search engine traffic and keep your user happy,

1-Write a unique and original content
Writing a unique or original content does not mean that you have to propose something new or something that no one has said before; it means that your text should not be exact copy from some other website or online source. You can check how to know either your content is unique or not here
Google is very good in identifying duplicate content and there is no reason for them to rank your page or website with copied content. What they really need is web pages index that answer people’s search queries and the more unique web page or post you have on your site, the more are the chances to generate more traffic and user to your site, even increases your page ranking in search engine.

2-Write a title with good keyword                           
The title of a post is very important if you are planning to get more traffic from search engines. Therefore, how can you write a post title that can make people click on your site when shown on search engines? Consider the below tips:

  • Do your keywords research sktool to find out what people are searching for related to the topic of your page.

  • Search Google, Yahoo and Bing using your keyword to find related titles.

  • Take note of the suggestions you get when typing keywords in the search box and scroll down the search results page to see what other people are searching

  • Once you decide on the basic structure of your title [using the three methods explained above], try to make your title more social and attractive to readers.  Try to think, if this is a title that would encourage you to click and get page

  • Make sure your title is less than 70 characters

While considering the above guidelines, also have it in mind that the other of keyword is important- so try to have your keyword first and then the rest of the word.

3-Pay Attention to the introduction and body of the post
When crawling a webpage, search engines want to find what they are looking for and determine if this is a page to include in their result as fast as possible. Your job is to help them by mentioning your keywords in an introduction style paragraph at the beginning of your post. Also, don’t forget about the body of the post, this means you should give attention to the body of the post by adding your natural keywords.

4-Encourage interlinking within your post and website
I will advise you to use internal linking in your post or page to create a small webs within your website because interlinking always affect your SEO and as well improve your page ranking which will generate more traffic to your site.
 Just practise the above tips and see how it works.
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  1. Honestly you are good at what you do. This tips are really helpful.

  2. Sincerely Victor SEO is a very serious issue for bloggers today, thank you so much for sharing.
    both newbies and probies need to read this.


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