5 Tools Needed To Start Your Youtube Career/Business -Become a YoutubePro

Tools for making youtube video
What are the tools needed by you to start making money on YouTube with your video? Some people want to go into YouTube business but don't no how or the tool needed.
Below are the list of 5 tools you need to become a YouTube pro;
Tools for making youtube videos

1.A window/macs Computer or High level Tablet
In order to start a YouTube career the number thing you need is a PC either macs or window, but if u can't afford a PC, you can use your Tablet. It was like a farmer going to farm without cutlass,wetin he wan use,se na him head?lol!!! So you have to get one. You can get one at affordable price here

2.A Camera/Your Phone Camera
You need a video camera to start recording your video, but if you can't afford a camera, you can use your smartphone camera or a webcam on your PC for your video cameras. Some smartphone camera is even better than a camcorders. You can get an affordable camera here or smartphone here.

3.An Editing Software
After you have record your video, you will need to beautify your video,remove or add something, trimming,add transitions and some other things. The editing software I do use for editing my video is wondershare video editor. I do use this software because is very easy to use,there are many transitions,effect,design and text you can add to your video. You can use encorder for recording your computer screen in making tutorial video. Below are some other video editor software you can use for editing your video.
Window movie maker for windows
IMovie for macs
Final cut for macs
Light works for windows/macs
Online YouTube editor

4.Video Compressor Software

Sometimes you made needed this tools because the file size for some video you created are much larger which may consumed more mb when you are trying to upload it. I created one video of 40 secs,file size 40mb, that means if I wan upload 5 video na 200mb , chai na where I go see mb go they upload that kind file size ,when my papa no be dangote *winks*. So I have to compress this video before I upload it so as to reduce the file size. I use free video compressor for compressing my video. I do reduce 40mb to 4mb sometimes. So just download it here

5.Social Media Tools
Lastly, as I said earlier PC is the most important tools for starting YouTube business, imagine if a farmer has work all day clearing and cutting the farmland without planting anything and now go back home and said he will come back for harvesting, abeg help me ask ham say se na his head he go come harvest. When you created and upload your video without promoting it, you think say traffic go they come to your video like that, chai you go tired ooo. You will upload video and you will have no views. So you have to promote your video across all social media. Share your video across your Facebook account, twitter,pinterest, instagram,stumbleupon and a lot more. The more you share your video on social media , the more the view of your video,more follower you get and more subscriber you have.
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