How To Make Money On Youtube With Your Video- Tips For Beginners

make money on youtube

Do you know you can make money with your video on YouTube by monetizing it. If you have being looking for a great way you can earn extra cash online, I think you are Lucky to have found this post because after reading this post you will be able to know how to make money with your video on YouTube.You can also check out the tools needed to become a youtube pro here. Following are the step involved;
 #Step 1.
Create a Google account
First things you have to do is to create a Google account(gmail) or use your existing account.
To create a new Google account 
  • visit
  • Click register new account
  • Fill your details; name,password email and others
  • Click on continue
  • Follow the prompt,verify ur account and start using it.

create youtube account
#Step 2.
Setup Your Youtube Channel
After you might have create your new account or using your existing account. Visit and login with your gmail account. You will receive a welcome note and your channel will be created automatically with your Google plus name. What you have to do now is to setup your channel and customize it to get more subscriber and view. Tips to setup your channel
Add a description of your channel, In other for people to know what your channel is all about you have to describe all what your channel is all about.
 To add a channel description
click on your channel.==> about
youtube monetization

#Step 3.
Upload And Describe Your Video
You have to upload some video to your channel before your can start earning.
How do I upload my video and describe it
  • Locate and click the upload button
  • Choose the video you do like to upload and select upload
  • As your video is uploading,you will be ask to describe your video and add some tags. 
 #Step 4.
Enable Your Channel For Monetization
monetize your youtube video
To enable your account for monetization
 then you will have to link your account with AdSense 
To link your channel with AdSense
  • . 1. Access the Monetization page in your Channel Settings and go to the section "How will I be paid?"
  • 2. From the AdSense Association page, please follow the "next" step to be directed to AdSense.
  • 3. Select the option at the bottom of the page to choose the Google Account you wish to use.
  • 4. Enter the password for your Google Account.
  • 5. Accept the Adsense association.
  • 6. Provide your contact information and submit your AdSense application.
  • 7. You will then be redirected back to YouTube, and a message to inform that your AdSense application has been received will appear.
  • 8. Adsense will update you by mail once your AdSense account is approved and your AdSense Id will be updated on the AdSense Association page (Please note that it may take up to 48 hours for the association to be fully active). Congratulations!

#Step 5.Enable your video for monetization
Sometimes, many people start complaining they can't see ads on their video because you don't enable your video for monetization
Enable ads on your videos
Upon Upload:
1. As your video uploads, click the "Monetization" tab on the upload page and click the " Monetize my video" check box.
2. Select which ad formats you want to enable for your video. To learn more about the different options available, click the "?" icons next to each ad format.
3. Click the "Save changes" button.
After Upload:
From your channel Video Manager :
1. Locate your video.
2. Click the "Edit" or "$" button next to your video.
3. On the "Monetization" tab of the video editor, click the " Monetize my video" check box.
4. Select which ad formats you want to enable for your video. To learn more about the different options available, click the "?" icons next to each ad format.
5. Click the "Save changes" button.

#Step 6.Promote Your Video,Get more viewers to your video and start earning cash
After your video has been enable for monetization, Promote your video on social media like Facebook,twitter, instagram and a lot more,get more viewers to your video and start making your cash. You can check out tools need for your youtube business
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