How To Change Your Android Phone Imei - Simplest Method

Good day guys, due to the trend on town [ imei tweaking] i think i have to post this because almost all the free browsing cheat nowadays are getting from by changing your android mtk phone imei . So, if you have been trying to know how to change you android phone imei, i think you are so lucky to have found this post clue from akintoms

    Firstly, i'll advice you use CWM to back up the Rom of your android device in case something happens or your device gets bricked.
    Secondly, Make sure your device is rooted, well if it is not you can easily download Kingroot and run the app while your data is on, it will automatically root your device, after your device has been rooted proceeed to download mobile uncle from playstore. But if you don't want to root your device just download mtk engineering mode from playstore instead of mobile uncle, so this will work perfect if you were unable to root your device.
    If the above steps have been done, then you simply dial the following code *#*#3646633#*#* or locate and open the app you download and you would see a new screen pop up showing you Engineering Mode
    Under Engineering mode, swipe to the left and select connectivity(navigate to the right) >Under Connectivity, Select CDS Information>Under CDS Information, Select Radio Information>(Depending if your phone is dual sim, you may see Phone 1 and Phone 2) just select either Phone 1 or Phone 2
    Then you will see a new screen "Radio Information", Above you will see a line for command with the beginning line "AT+", just type "E" beside it, and you should see a drop down menu showing you the  following codes AT+EGMR=1,7"", AT+EGMR=1,10"", AT+EGMR=1,11''", AT+EGMR=1,12'''.

Well if you want to change the Imei of your Sim 1, you simply select AT+EGMR=1,7"" from the drop down Menu,if you look closely, you will observe two quotation marks after the number 7(""), simply insert your new imei that you have generated in between the two quotation mark and avoid giving space(For example "356870584048484" and not " 30393030303033 "). After that go to the front of "AT" in the command line and give a space just in front of it(For example, AT +EGMR and not AT+EGMR) and select send AT COMMAND.
If successful, you should get a reply saying ATcommand is msent

Turn off your phone and turn it back on and dial *#06# to check your new Imei 

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