How To Redirect .blogspot To Your Custom Domain With Namecheap.

  1. Set your domain within your Blogger account.

    Once you login to your Blogger account you need to click on Settings tab and choose Basic.

  2. Then you will need to click on Add a custom domain button under Blog Address field in Publishingsection:

  3. Once this is done, you will see a field to put your domain name in. Input the domain name and click Save button
  4. blogger3.jpg

    Note: blogs are not to be placed on bare domains (like yourdomain.tld), so you need to input a subdomain, for example, or
  5. Once the page refreshes, you will see two CNAME records which should be created in your domain’s Zone File

  6. Now you may create necessary records for your domain in your Namecheap account
- You need to sign into your account, mouse over your Namecheap username on the black bat at the top of the page, then click Manage Domains on the drop-down menu;
- Click on the domain itself (please make sure to click on the domain, not just check box next to it);
- Click All Host Records in the left-hand menu. (Note! If you do not have All Host Records option for your domain, this means your domain is pointed to third party nameservers and you need to contact your hosting provider to create these settings).
- Here you create two records for your domain. For your @ field you puthttp://www.yourdomainname.tld(make sure you put your domain name and do not forget  about the http://www. part) and choose URL Redirect as a record type from the drop-down menu.
- In the www field you put and choose CNAME as a record type from the drop-down menu.
- Enter the value listed under NameLabelor Host field in "Host Name" field, verification string ( listed under DestinationTarget, or Points To field in "IP Address/URL" field and select CNAME from the "Record type" drop-down menu under "Subdomains Settings"
- Then please click Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

You may see an example of settings below:


And that's it! It may take up to a couple of hours for Blogger to verify settings created for your domain.


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