How to change window 10 Login Screen Background

   This is a tutorial on how to change the Login Screen Background of the Latest Microsoft's window; Window 10.This latest window comes with a lot of features likes the new Microsoft's edge browser and Cortana Voice command which makes it unique and caught the attention of the public.

  Window 10 make it easy to change the Lock Screen  But, trying to change the loginscreen background(the screen where you enter your password)  was a long, complicated, and possibly dangerous process. But All thanks to  developer Krutonium who make it easy to change the Login Screen Background by developing a tool that automates the entire process, and it's very easy to use.

To Change Window 10 Login Screen Background for below steps.

1. Download this app named Window 10 Login Screen Background Changer by Krutonium here

2. Install and open the  app.

You'll likely see a few errors when installing, but you can simply hit "Continue" when they pop up.

3. Choose background

4. Set  background.

That's all. Enjoy

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